06 November 2009

Cake in the afternoon

Today I made the Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake that I posted earlier in the week, and all I can say is that I am sorry you are not here right now. It's delicious. Better than I remembered. So dense, so moist and not too sweet. Absolutely lovely.

I will offer more holiday dessert recipes, and this one should certainly be on the list. But please don't wait for an excuse to make this cake. It would be perfect with a hot cup of tea on a cold afternoon. Or a fabulous present wrapped in wax paper as a brown bag dessert. Or even eaten straight out of your hand over the kitchen sink. I would not disapprove.

And something great about this cake is that with the pumpkin and buttermilk, it's very moist, and could absolutely be made a day ahead of, say, a holiday!


Danno said...

I want some!

Seth and Amy said...

I'll make you some. The fig jam cookies JV dropped by were really delicious, too!

Amy said...

Oops, Dan, that was supposed to be just from me. :)