19 April 2011

Find me on Facebook

It's been nearly five years since I started this blog. It's start came about in part because of an ending. An ending to my career as a newspaper reporter, that is. Since then, my life, and my kitchen, have changed. I've gained experience in commercial kitchens. I've learned a lot about recipe development and writing, and I'm cooking daily for my toughest critic ever -- a 2-year-old, and his baby brother will soon follow him to the table.

So, it's about time that I got around to having my own Facebook page. It's been a fun new adventure. I don't always have time to blog, but it seems more manageable to post a quick status update and photos. It's also a more appropriate way to pass along little cooking tidbits, you know those things that don't always need a lengthy description.

I hope you continue to come around here, and also stop by on Facebook. I'm also working on a few new projects for the blog that will help make it easier on you to find past recipes, which is exciting, too.

And please, drop me a line. The thing that gets me energized the most is hearing back from readers and fans. Some of you live a few doors down and some of you are in other countries. Wherever you are, I am so excited to share my love of food, cooking and, best of all, eating with you!

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