07 April 2011

Pantry pickin'

We're one week into my Pantry Challenge.

So far, we've spent about $23. Things have been a little more challenging than usual, but given that we're potty training one kiddo and dealing with a baby around here, there's hardly a day that doesn't feel like a challenge.

The numbers:
$5.50 at the Farmer's Market last weekend on apples and pears. I was a bit frustrated to see three softball-sized apples. Commence a discussion with The Hubs: "Thank you for getting fruit. Next time when you're paying a high price-per-pound, look for smaller fruits to help make them last longer."

$18.53 at Freddy's on odds and ends. Picked up a few more apples, bananas, broccoli, lemons, peanut butter, tuna, milk and some bulk flour. Major tip from that trip: I went sans-kids and used a hand basket instead of a huge cart. When my basket was full, I'd hit my limit, and it was a handy reminder not to make any more impulse buys (the bulk flour wasn't a must have, but it was a good price, so I went for it).

Total of $24.03.

The food:
We've had oatmeal, eggs, biscuits and lemon ginger rolls for breakfasts. Lunches have been pastas, leftovers or sammies. For dinner we've had grilled pork chops, an Asian chicken dish, pasta, split pea soup and a neighborhood potluck.

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